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Freedom's Wings is a specialized program operating under the registered Canadian charity Youth Flight Canada Education Fund.

It is a consortium formed in 2003 to provide and administer a flight training program which offers opportunities for persons of all ages, and physical abilities to experience the freedom of sailplane flying or soaring and in some cases to become educated in the operation and control of an aircraft, with a view to eventual Glider Pilot Licensing certification where possible and practical.




Freedom's Wings Canada is governed under the auspices of the Board of Directors of Youth Flight Canada Education Fund and is made up of representatives from Canadian Gliding Clubs, Youth Flight Canada, Organizations serving persons with disabilities and representatives from the community of persons with a disability at large.

Freedom's Wings Canada provides people with disabilities the opportunity to fly.


Program Focus

Our program focuses on the abilities and not the disabilities of an individual. For those confined to the two dimensional world of a wheel chair, flying offers the opportunity to experience the three dimensional world of flight. In the air everybody has equal mobility, through the use of adaptive hand controls no pilot is at a disadvantage and flight is experienced on equal terms. Controlling an aircraft provides the pilot with a feeling of accomplishment and often a greater sense of self worth.


Freedom's Wings strives to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities by providing a physically and intellectually exciting and challenging introduction to flight.

Freedom's Wings Canada brings the world of soaring to disabled persons by:

  • Exposing persons with disabilities to the soaring experience
  • Teaching qualified persons with disabilities to soar
  • Providing facilities for soaring to those persons with disabilities able to soar
  • Providing training for instructors, ground crew, and flying students
  • Providing a non-profit educational and fraternal organization
  • Serving as a resource and model for other organizations with similar intent


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