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Learn To Fly

Some Freedom's Wings Canada chapters offer paraplegics and high functioning quadriplegics into its "Learn to Soar" program.

A 'rudder stick' duplicates the control inputs of the rudder pedals. For those with sufficient strength and coordination in the arms, and the ability to grasp, flight lessons from volunteer instructors will be available.

getting inThe minimum number of flights required by Transport Canada until a student pilot is considered for solo flight is 40 flights. The true number required depends upon the skills of the individual but typically it will take around 55 dual flights to qualify for solo flight. In addition to a minimum of 20 solo flights, students will require ground school study, an examination from Transport Canada, and a medical assessment from a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner.

When you pass you will be a licensed glider pilot!

The cost of flight training is born by the pilot candidate. As the program grows and additional sponsorship money becomes available student pilots may receive bursaries to help defray the cost of training.

One of Freedom's Wings core fund raising initiatives is to make available funds for flight training of injured service personnel returning from Afghanistan.

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