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Described by many as "The opportunity of a lifetime"; each year hundreds of disabled persons and many

terminally ill adults and children are given the opportunity to experience silent flight by soaring in a glider.


With the assistance of trained volunteers, the passenger will be given a ground briefing, and then fitted

into the front cockpit of a two seat training glider and the glider pilot will strap into the back seat. A

Transport Canada approved tow plane will then launch the glider. Once the desired altitude has been

reached the glider will disconnect from the tow plane. At this point the soaring flight begins as the

glider performs a series of slow gentle turns climbing further aloft and providing spectacular panoramic

views of the landscape below. The more adventurous might ask the glider pilot to perform a number

of more exciting and adrenalin raising manoeuvres. The passenger will be offered an opportunity to try

the controls (where they are able), and will experience the euphoric sense of freedom that the three

dimensional world of the air delivers.


Many of the trainers are fitted with adaptive hand controls. For those who meet the physical

requirements necessary to use the adaptive hand controls the opportunity of flight training and attaining

a Glider Pilot's License is available.


Through the generous donations of our sponsors inspirational flights are available at no cost to the

individual. Most of our locations across Canada also offer flights to the volunteer at a fraction of the

regular cost of an introductory glider flight.


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