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Several Canadian gliding clubs have an infrastructure
that accommodates accessibility for the disabled.
Once that infrastructure is in place for pilots and
students, club intro flights become available to all. In
spite of some initial fears and reservations, members at
these clubs are bringing soaring to those that find accessibility
difficult. At York Soaring, the enthusiasm of the
disabled participants is infectious so that when a busload
of disabled intros arrive, everybody’s happy!


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Freedomswings - Published in Free Flight Magazine PDF Print E-mail

If you love flying, and you wouldn’t be reading this if
you didn’t, you will be able to imagine the smile on
Marie’s face — a former pilot who thought she would never
fly again, when she the took the controls of a Grob 103
fitted with hand controls, operated by Freedom’s Wings
International. That flight, on an obscure airfield east of Buffalo
in the summer of 2001, was the genesis of Freedom’s
Wings Canada, born in May of 2004 at York Soaring, with the
arrival of a hand-control equipped Krosno and trailer.


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